What people say

I didn’t get to see you when the project finished and didn’t get to properly say ‘good bye’ and thank you. The apartment is beyond beautiful and comfortable and I couldn’t be happier. You are a pleasure to work with, even though Tomer really handled the day to day things with you. Whenever I saw you , you were always with a smile and in an unhurried fashion happy to talk with me and answer any questions I may have had. You were able to solve so many issues that came up: beams, soffits, etc. Your staff of workers have such love, respect and dedication for you and they were all a pleasure to work with and have around. Very grateful to have met you and to have had the gift of your talent. I understand your wife already came by , but know that you are always welcome in ‘our’ home. Epstein We have used Yaniv’s services several times and have always been impressed with his professionalism and the quality of his work. We’re happy to recommend him! Aryeh & Tzivia Bak We highly recommend Yaniv Smadar for all your construction needs. We were 100% satisfied with the timeliness, cleanliness and professionalism of Yaniv and his workers. Yaniv is honest, experienced and knowledgeable and it’s evidenced in his work. We still get compliments about what a great job Yaniv did! Sherrill and Jeff Kaye We did a full renovation with Yaniv. The work he did was of the highest standard and he was always available for advice and support. When we had some small cracking after the work was completed he happily sent a worker to fix it and has answered off-topic questions for us as a local fountain of knowledge. We are extremely pleased that we chose Yaniv to do the work in our house – and we still get asked who the Kablan was as people generally do not see this quality of finish in properties.WARMLY RECOMMENDED Amir Bendavid Working with Yaniv and his crew made the process of building a pleasant experience. His honesty and integrity coupled with his supreme professionalism and workmanship make him a true partner in the renovation or construction of your home. We were so happy to have Yaniv and his crew on board and highly recommend him for any future projects Polly Hyams Sherman I would like to reinforce the recommendation of Paul Kaye regarding Yaniv. He is really the very best buider in our area. I would even recommend to everybody that consider starting a “shiputz”, to contract his services even if his price will be more expensive than others. He is worth each shekel that he asks for. Warm regards Jacqui Taub We were very satisfied with Yaniv’s work. His attention to detail is apparent in the final product. We would definitely recommend him for any scope of construction Ari and Nomi Harow post on the Modiin List. We called the person who left the post, and she didn’t stop going on about how great he was. Now it’s my turn: From the moment Yaniv came round to give us a quote, we felt comfortable/confident with him. He told us outright that he was not the cheapest, and he was right, but he was roughly the same price as another kablan, with whom we did not feel confident. The quote was fully itemised, which allowed us to pick and choose, according to our budget. Yaniv is clearly a great manager, and his team worked really well together – the atmosphere in the house was great. The workers he used were a pleasure to have in the house, and cleaned up after themselves as they went. There wasn’t a single grumble about what was or wasn’t included in the quote; in fact, they kept surprising us by fixing things that we wouldn’t have even thought to ask them to do (old screws in walls, even replacing a broken floor tile!). Also in testament to Yaniv’s management ability, there were no surprises, and every day went as planned from the start. They finished well within the time that Yaniv originally proposed, and the result is fantastic. If they’d have taken twice as long to do what they did, we still would have been thrilled with the result. Paul Kaye I have been working with Yaniv for years and know that with Yaniv I will not just get great service but I will get perfection. What other kablan would I feel comfortable with leaving my house keys and leaving the country. Yaniv is a pleasure to work with and my house looks great! Caryn Meltz Co-publisher & editor ModiInfo Caryn Meltz If you are looking for a kablan we highly recommend giving Yaniv a call. We have used Yaniv for a number of projects and have found him to be very professional, thorough and well organised. His tradesmen are skilled and the finished product is to a very high standard and is completed on schedule. Yaniv can be contacted on 0505798536. Please feel free to email us for any further information. Adrian and Tanya Goldstein Yaniv and his team were great. They were a pleasure to work with, orderly, on time and amenable to all our needs. We would highly recommend them and would definitely use them again. Louise Szczerb Yaniv is neither the cheapest nor the fastest contractor available. But that is more than made by the truly superb quality of his work and the reliability of his service. In my 40+ years in Israel, my friends and I have innumerable experiences with contractors who never quite finish the project. They usually leave when 90% or 95% of the work was done. It did not matter that you owed them money. They just never came back and finished. As far as adjustments/repairs after the work was complete, Yaniv was there immediately. What was truly surprising that despite that our project was truly massive, in the year and a half since its completion, there are just about no issues – an outlet that did not work and an unused drainage pipe that was not capped. Noah Perlman Yaniv was present in the field every day and since we trusted 100% in his professionalism, honesty and that he sees our interests in front of his eyes, we did not need to use the services of an inspector. Yaniv and his workers worked intensively the whole way, without breaks or excuses. In the final stage, he was very meticulous in the details, he spared no effort in making repairs and using the best materials. Unlike other contractors who often find it difficult to finish the house to the end, Yaniv did not leave the area until all the last details were completed to our satisfaction. The only “disadvantage” we found with Yaniv was the price he asked. However, after going through the construction with him, we understand the justification for this price which stems both from the fact that he always uses the best materials and is meticulous in all the works and from his personal investment in the house. As mentioned, it is undoubtedly possible to save the price of the inspector when working with him. From our experience, when you bet on someone who is less safe and cheaper, in the end you pay for it very dearly – in money, precious time and above all in a lot of heartache. In conclusion, from our experience and from a comparison with the many other contractors we saw around us in the settlement, we can safely say that Yaniv is a “rare breed” in the field of construction. Anyone who wants to be on the safe side in building their home, who wants to “sleep peacefully” knowing that they will come out of the process safely and even enjoy it, we strongly recommend not to hesitate for a moment and work with Yaniv.

Itzik Engel

The very fact that a professional woman who trusts the contractor with whom she performs most of her work recommends him to us, already gives us a sense of calm that this cannot be a bad choice. And then, we really understood why she trusts him so much. Fulfilling every promise (quality, reliability, service, availability and above all punctuality) has been the second thread in all the months that Yaniv has accompanied us from the first swing of the hammer until today (a year after the renovation was completed). With Yaniv, they are not surprised by “unexpected additional work”, “you didn’t understand me”, “this is the price, but before VAT”, and on and on. But the thing that pleasantly surprised us the most was the fact that all his subcontractors (electricians, air conditioning, aluminum…) trust him with their eyes closed. Everyone is happy to work with him and he would always reassure us that “Yaniv will not let anyone work for the client”. In conclusion, when we entered into our renovation adventure, we took into account frictions, arguments and a rather short test period with the contractor, and here, a complete surprise!!! There were no arguments – because everything happened as he said, there were no frictions – because everything was clear from the first moment and that’s how it went until the end, and regarding the inspection, he is the one who initiates a phone call from time to time and asks when it is possible to come and complete repairs if necessary. I highly recommend Yaniv and am convinced that whoever takes it will have the same experience as we did.

Itiel and Meira Har-Chen

Yaniv Smeder built an MMD for us, adjacent to an existing house, in Maccabi, phase 2. The work was carried out according to the blues we were promised, professional and clean work to our complete satisfaction. From our acquaintance with Yaniv, a reliable and honest person was revealed, every agreement with him was carried out precisely. We highly recommend Yaniv Samdar the contractor

Hodit and Menachem Ochman

We did a complete renovation. The work that Yaniv did was of the highest level and he was available to give advice and support. When there were some small problems after they finished the job he was happy to send one of the workers to make repairs. We are very happy that we chose Biniv to do the work on our house – people still ask us who the contractor was because it is rare to see such quality. warmly recommended.

Adam Shankar

In the last three years, Yaniv Smeder has carried out renovations and construction works of various scopes for my clients. Yanib carries out high-level work, with utmost care. Liniv has extensive knowledge and experience, and high abilities. He carries out his work with care and pleasant manners. I would be happy to continue cooperation in the future.

Naomi Levy – architecture and interior design

I have known Yaniv Samdar for about three years, in which he performed various construction works for my clients. The construction works performed by Yaniv were of various scopes: from renovation to the construction of a building, the works were all carried out in a professional and meticulous manner while understanding the planning and without

Naomi Gilbert

Niv, did his work in the most professional manner. He met exactly the times he promised. The workers he employs are excellent professionals, he gave excellent advice on any subject that was required with grace and integrity. We highly recommend him for any renovation work.

Asenat and Shalom Berger